Old Puppies

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  Senior dog? Please.  I have been called many things in the past.  Senior dog…old dog…the perfect dog.  

But one of my favorite descriptions?  Old puppies.  Me and Digby are old puppies!

We are the best at being puppies because we have lots of experience at it!

So we thought about it.  And we wondered…could we cheer up and encourage some puppies that are old too?  Seems like we always need encouragement, don’t we?

No matter our age, no matter where we live, who we are or what we look like, we need to be told that we are important and valuable.  

We have to find our purpose, and others can help us see that purpose sometimes.  So we decided to go visit some older puppies at the end of the month in Tennessee.  

We decided to go and visit them so that we can tell them and the people taking care of them how special they truly are.

Who will we be visiting? Let us tell you about them!!!  Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, where love never grows old!

It’s time that we get back on the road to show others the fun you can have while traveling with your dog and also giving of yourself,  your time and your love.  

We have more news about what we will be doing, but for now it is a surprise!

We will tell you more each week before our visit!  We are so happy and excited to do this!

We will be bringing them some presents, we will be doing some fundraising and who said ice cream? We did!!  I’ve heard that older puppies love ice cream.  I’ve heard that.

Do you feel like an older puppy sometimes? Do you feel that you have been forgotten or discarded? Do you feel like you aren’t accomplishing as much as you used to?  

Maybe you should realize that your value changes because you change.  Your value is found in different things, not ones of your youth.  

The secret is to make what you have of value count now and to do your best.  Older puppies are the best, and you are too!

Stay tuned for more details soon!

-Digby Pancake

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