Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Ice Cream!

This is Digby Pancake.  What cheers you up just by thinking about it?  Me?  Oh, thanks.

Really though.  What is out there that makes your heart sing? What makes your smile bigger? What makes you forget all the bad and concentrate on the good?  For me, it is ice cream!  Yes, I love pancakes.  But I have a secret love for ice cream too.

You see, ice cream is only ice cream when it is cold.  Ice cream can’t be anything else but ice cream. Because if it melts, well, its not ice cream anymore.

And when you eat the ice cream, you have to concentrate on the feeling, the taste.  You can’t do anything else while you’re eating the ice cream really.  Because if you get distracted, it is going to melt and won’t be there any more.

So we thought since we are visiting the older puppies Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in a few weeks, what better thing to do than to give them some ice cream? Some doggy ice cream? OH YEAH!

Yes, our favorite ice cream ever.

Since you have to cherish an older puppy, you could liken them to sweet ice cream.  Enjoy them while you can.  Cherish them while you can. Recognize that older dogs and even older people are still enjoying life! Just a slower pace.

Every thing in our life and in our world can teach us a lesson.  Sometimes, we don’t want to learn those lessons because they are hard. Or sad. Or make us feel too much.


But if we don’t appreciate them, they will melt before we know it.

Look at the ones around you that you love. Look at the things around you that you love. And take the lessons to heart.  They are there for you and as refreshing as ice cream on a summer day.

What’s a pretty good part of our lives right now? Having the opportunity to give old dogs and the persons that help them an ice cream party to say thank you.  

Life.  Is.  Sweet. Thanks to The Bear And The Rat for donating so much ice cream for the dogs!

-Digby Pancake

Donations can be made to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary here

We want to thank Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary for helping us coordinate our visit with them…stay tuned for more details this month!!!


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