Secret Ingredients

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What’s your favorite food? What food makes you happy? Have you ever made that food for others?


Persons says cooking is love on a plate. And Digby says his plate should always be full. So when the persons were asked to come to this California place and cook their vegan recipes in a cooking contest so that we would be able to win prizes for our friends…you…we said yep. 2300 miles would be worth it!

You know that the persons are vegan. Which means no meat. Nothing related to meat. Nothing related to an animal. Not even a second cousin once removed.


Now, the persons say it’s a long shot they will win. Because most like to eat that second cousin animal once removed. But they cook with their hearts. They are going to cook what means something to them. And hopefully, it will be good!

If you’ve ever made, cooked or created something for your heart, how did it make you feel when you shared it with others? It’s kind of a vulnerable feeling, isn’t it? Because the things we do from our hearts feel personal. It’s about what we love. It’s about us.


In this California place, we are inspired to cook. Create things from our hearts. No. Digby and I don’t cook. But we watch. We taste test. We like to see the persons happy when they make something that they like.

What’s your secret ingredient to feeling creative and inspired?

Have you forgot about the things you truly want and like to do because there are too many adult things to do?

Some days you have to put the adult things down and pick up some to make your heart sing. Do it for you. Share it with others. That’s our secret ingredients.

Peanut Butter Brickle

You can watch the Great American Cook Off tonight at 7 pm CT! You can watch it here!



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