The Late Shift

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever thought of yourself as a hard worker? I know I am. I don’t need to think about it.

Even on a slow day, my duties are numerous. But nothing prepares me for when my brother Digby Pancake gets sick. Working the late shift for Digby is my hardest work of all.

Girl Person says that when someone you love isn’t feeling good, it is hard to take care of them sometimes. Because maybe you are scared. Because maybe you are upset. But you have to put that aside. Because your love is stronger than sickness.

When Digby kept us all up two nights being sick, I was tired. But we didn’t stop taking care of him. And I thought about people Girl Person told me about called nurses.

She said they take care of people, especially lately, even when they are scared. She said it’s not easy. And I’m starting to understand it. Being sick may be easier than taking care of someone who is sick.

I’m sure all of us have wished we could take someone’s pain away. But we can’t.

All we can do is make them comfortable. And that’s so hard. The nurse persons have a lot on their plates.

So do many of you who are taking care of others. Like family, friends or pets who are older or not well.

If we are the ones who are sick, make sure you tell your nurses of life thank you. You may not think it matters.

But I can tell you that after a long night with Digby being sick, he told me with one lick he appreciated it. He told Girl Person thank you for taking him out so many times with a kiss on her face. And he told Boy Person thank you for staying up all two nights asleep in a chair he appreciated him too with an extra snore.

You may not ever get the recognition and praise you deserve for working the late shift of life for ones you love. But know that what you are doing makes a difference.

And know not everyone would or could do what you have. Thank you.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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