Free As A Bird. Almost.

This is Digby Pancake. What holds you back in life? What holds you down? For dogs, you could say leashes do that to us.

Sure. We know the rules. We know about safety. We know all of that.

But sometimes, we just want to be free as a bird. We want to go where we want and do what we want.

Some days we wonder what life could be like without any leashes at all.

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So when Girl Person said it was fine to be at our friends’ house and run in a yard without leashes, we weren’t sure what to do at first. But it came to us pretty quickly.

No. We didn’t want to go far. We just wanted the freedom to choose where to go.

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Life comes with trade offs, doesn’t it? We may want the freedom to be off leash, but we also want the freedom to travel.  And when we travel, we have to wear a leash.

Being off leash comes with risks. Traveling comes with risks. So neither gives us complete freedom, does it?

No one can be as free as a bird to soar without boundaries. We all have boundaries. It’s up to us to appreciate the opportunities we have and make the most out of them.


Because chances are, there are others who envy your situation in life and what freedoms it has. And the funny thing is, you may envy their freedoms too.

Setting up limits for ourselves can be hard. If we don’t hold back at all, our freedoms can hurt others. If we were off leash all of the time, that wouldn’t be kind to others like dogs who are scared of others or people who are scared of dogs.

It could hurt us too like being in traffic danger. Sometimes restrictions have to be placed. For our own good.

Likewise, we all have the freedom to say what we think. But do we hurt others? Could we restrict how we say things?

Freedom feels good. But so does love. So does kindness. Don’t hold back on that.

Digby Pancake

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