I Know A Place. I’ll Take You There.

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Do you have a favorite spot? A favorite place? We do. But since we move around so much, that place changes all of the time.

So while we are parked at our friends’ house in Georgia, I decided to find a new favorite place here. I like the walk at this certain park and the buildings to see.

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I like the tunnel. Although Digby has his own opinion about that thing.

And when you find a favorite place, you know what makes it even better? Sharing it with someone else. Telling others about it.

And seeing their face when they love it like you do. It’s kind of feels like giving someone a present.

So, since we know that Juneau the puppy hasn’t been on many hikes, we thought it would be nice to take her to one of our favorite places.

And so we got in our cars and led the way!

She was so excited to see the secret creek and the buildings and the leaves.

She was so excited that I had to tell her to calm down quite a few times in a not so nice way.

And I apawlogized for that. After I was told to.

It’s nice to know that we all can share and make someone feel good, isn’t it?

We can say a kind word or send a kind text. We can share pictures or just tell someone we are thinking of them. We can make others feel important to us. Valued. Appreciated.

Like they mean the world to us.

It’s lovely to have a favorite place. But what makes us love a place is truly how we feel when we are there.

Make others feel good around you too.

And you might become a favorite place of theirs.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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