Sleepwalkers Won’t Find A Lion

This is Digby Pancake. Do you ever feel…cloudy? Or maybe you feel tired. Or maybe you feel tired and cloudy. And then to top that all off, maybe you feel down. Bored.

It’s easy for some of us to feel down. The changing of weather can bring back old memories. We might miss some loved ones who aren’t here. We might miss how life used to be just a few short months ago before the virus monster. I could go on and on. But I won’t do that. Because time being sad is wasted time.

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But do you feel like you’ve been sad so long it feels normal? We can all feel like we are just going through the motions and even sleepwalking through the day. But if you do that, you won’t be able to find a lion.

Yes. Girl Person looks for some odd things in the woods.

And sometimes she finds those odd things she is looking for.

So as we were waking on our hike yesterday, she stopped in her tracks.

I was surprised. Because she didn’t seem to be paying attention to anything. Not the birds. Not the leaves.

Not even us.

She could only see her sadness. Until she saw a big clump of something white. She was so happy all of a sudden. It seems she had found something called a lion’s mane.

Well. I don’t think that looks like a lion. But who am I to know?

Who am I to care if it makes Girl Person happy and not sleepwalk?

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Life is hard. Everyone deals with hard times. So it’s easy to forget the good times. It’s so easy to not see anything but our own sadness.

And drastic measures are sometimes needed to wake us up.

Like that lion’s mane mushroom jump started Girl Person’s happy.

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So ask yourself what you’ve been missing? Have you forgot about the things that make your heart sing?

Have you forgot about the things that makes you…you?

A lions mane may be beautiful. But so is a lion’s heart. And so is a lion’s courage. We need both.

Because it is our inside thoughts that can make a difference between just sleepwalking or actually living.

Think more of yourself and more of our world than what you’ve been doing lately. Find your lion’s mane!

Digby Pancake

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