The Cold Front

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever felt like you were in a mood? Yeah. Even I can get grumpy. But you probably know that already.

I get grumpy when we run out of peanut butter.

I get grumpy when Digby tries to steal my dinner every night.

I get grumpy when it’s Monday. When it’s Tuesday. Or any day of the week, really. But what brings on my grumpiness sometimes? Nothing in particular. And I suppose there is no prediction for that. Because as it rained and rained and rained here the other day, the wind would blow. And with that wind came some very cold air. I suppose it rode in on the rain.

We were chilly.

We wondered how it got so very cold all of a sudden. It was a cold front.

There was nothing we could do but to try and stay dry. Try and stay warm. It was a lot of work to stay warm and dry.

I wondered if that’s how others feel about my grumpiness sometimes and I felt a little bad about it. On the days when there is no prediction of my grumpiness, I can imagine it’s a surprise to others. I can imagine they take it personal. I can see that it must be a little hard on them.

Do we affect others in a cold way with no warning? Why would we do that if the way we feel has nothing to do with them?

Maybe we need to look at our mood. And how we may affect someone’s day without even realizing it.

It’s a lot of work to bring sunshiney with you to others in the rain. But is it more work than being the rain?

Just like Girl Person made our breakfast and we ate it outside with our blankets on, it was possible. It was cold. But we didn’t let it affect our inner hearts.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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