Objects Are Smaller Than They Appear

This is Digby Pancake. I have some small things about me. My patience for dinner is small. Ok. I only have one small thing about me.

But as we were visiting the dog park here at the campground, Girl Person noticed someone small. A small bug. A bug she did not recognize.

I’m not sure many would have noticed the bug on the fence. But we did. And we were amazed.

In some ways, it moved and looked like a little bat. But it had a triangle on it. Kind of the shape of an arrow. So as Girl Person always does, she told Boy Person about it and asked if he knew what it could be. He didn’t either. And Brickle didn’t either. And I didn’t either. So Girl Person started trying to find out.

She found out that the very small bug was an arrowhead spider. Beautiful.


We started thinking about the arrowhead spider. And why it has that big triangle on it. It is supposed to make the spider look bigger than what it actually is. Interesting.

Don’t persons do that too?

We meet many persons that act like they are big. Big in money. Big in their job. Big in themselves.

But do they really feel like that? Or in fact, do they try pretending….so others don’t notice how small they truly feel?

We never really know anyone as much as we think we do. We all try to survive, and sometimes we can go to extremes.

Sometimes we pretend so that we look big to others. When in fact, we feel just the opposite.

Wouldn’t it be a kinder thing to do to make others feel better and bigger about themselves? Ask someone where they are from. Listen.

Ask someone something about how they grew up. Listen. Ask them what makes them the happiest. Listen.

We may think others have it all together and we may be the ones that feel small. But remember, it’s the small ones like the arrowhead spider that teach us the most.

Digby Pancake

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