Pizza In Bed

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. It’s shocking. But I heard there was a time that Boy Person and Girl Person took vacations without us.

I know it’s shocking.

But there was a time they went places without me and Digby Pancake. I call it the Depressing Era. The Days Without Meaning Era. The Days Before Dog Hair Era. Before Digby and I were adopted into their family.

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Girl Person doesn’t like to talk about this time much. She says there’s no need. She said all that matters is now. However…she couldn’t resist telling Digby and I the story of Pizza In Bed.

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You see, the persons came to this park that we are camping at right now, many years ago. They always had good memories of it. But they also remembered the road up to the falls here at Amicalola Falls State Park. They couldn’t forget. And when we knew we had to drive this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV up this same road that they had thought about many times over the years, they were very worried.

Now, anytime there is food in a story, we are all ears. Especially if it’s pizza. We love pizza.

And the persons apparently love pizza so much too that they ate it in bed when they came here many years ago.

You see, the persons had come to this park long before there were convenient stairs down and up to the falls. You had to hike a mountain trail that was very steep. And they were staying at the lodge here. When they were fancy or something.

They had a very hard time getting their van up the mountain. In fact, it slipped. It slided. It almost fell off. And by the time they finally made it up to the lodge, they were tired. But they sure wanted to see that waterfall! So even though it was late, they ventured out. And they made it to the falls. But they realized there was no way they would make their way back up to the lodge before dark on this trail in the woods. So they decided the smartest thing to do would be to walk up the road. Yes. That mountain road.

It took hours. It took willpower. It took energy. But finally, finally, finally, they made it back to the lodge. They were tired. They were hungry. And they knew there was no way they were driving back down that mountain to get food. So they thought about room service. But it was closed. Like I said, they used to be fancy.

So they decided to order pizza.

Yet, when you are as tired as they were, you can’t get out of bed to eat your pizza. You just eat it there. They would tell us not to do that! But they did that! Apparently, in this era, there were less rules.

This may seem like a boring story to you because it’s a boring story, but to them, it meant a memory. It meant a simpler time when they had less to worry about.

And so last night, Girl Person said that even though we weren’t staying at the fancy lodge, we were going to have pizza in bed!

So that me and Digby could come to the pawty too!

We knew this was a grand idea. But there was no way we were going to walk up that mountain for it.

So Girl Person made a pizza!

We pulled out the bed on the couch! And it was time to be appreciative. Appreciative of the past while appreciating the future. Shouldn’t we do that every day?

Pizza in bed should be a thing every day. But I suppose if you did that, it wouldn’t seem as special.

What’s a memory you would like to reenact? Can you bring back that same feeling? It’s fun to try!

Peanut Butter Brickle

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