You Got Me Feeling Emotions

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Usually, I’m caught up. Caught up in myself.

I admit it. Sometimes I have a one track mind. And it’s all about me.

But on rare occasions, it occurs to me that I have feelings. I have emotions. I have emotions to feel. And I let myself feel them.

This spontaneous reaction of my feelings occurred yesterday.

The rain had been falling. It was a long night of lost sleep. And I should have been tired. I should have been irritated. And perhaps that was true. But all of a sudden, when I saw Girl Person get out of bed, I forgot all about that. Because the love emotion took over. And I let it.

Girl Person was as surprised as I was to see my emotional side…my happy corn dog tail wag. But she turned happy too. Even though she was tired! Even though she was worried about all she had to do that day. Those emotions weren’t as strong as the love.

Do you know that you have a lot of power? Control over how others view their day? Our emotions may be ours. But what we feel affects others. Whether we try to or not.

Emotions have a place. There will be times we will be sad.

There will be times we are mad.

There will be times we are happy.

But remember how we show those emotions is a responsibility. We can’t mess up someone’s day by making them feel bad if we do. Instead, make them feel the good in the day.

I still love myself. That won’t change. However, even the sun isn’t as bright as the love I have for my family.

They brighten my day. And I hope somehow my love can brighten yours today. We all have emotions. Animals do.

People do.

Let’s embrace our own and recognize the impact we have on others.

Peanut Butter Brickle

Today we feel…scared! We are headed to a place called Amicalola Falls in Georgia. The climb up is so steep that we can’t explain it. We feel scared but positive that the Bug Blue Treat Wagon RV can make it. Stay tuned.

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