Not Just A Button

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Well, yesterday we didn’t feel like driving. We didn’t feel like traveling. We just didn’t. And so, we didn’t. The campground was nice enough to let us stay one more night. And so we will head out today. But with one less button.

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You may not know this, but the persons don’t particularly care for shopping that much. But because we move around so much, we can’t really order much either.

So when the campground here let us get some mail, the persons were excited. Girl Person ordered some treats for us. And Boy Person ordered some clothes for himself. He was really happy about it.

So because we were staying one extra day at camp, Girl Person did the laundry. And Boy Person’s new clothes were in there. He was still real excited about wearing them. Persons say it’s the little things.

But when Girl Person went to get the laundry out of the machines, she found a button. A button she didn’t recognize because it was new. A button from Boy Person’s new clothes. At first she was happy she had found it and it wasn’t lost. But then it became clear there were two buttons gone. And there was still one missing. She looked and looked but couldn’t find it. She really didn’t want to tell Boy Person. She knew he would be disappointed. And she was right.

He was sad. He went back to the laundry room to look for the button. He looked in the machines. On the floor. Everywhere. No. Button.

Digby kept saying that his opinion about pants rang true again. Who needs them when they cause all this trouble? No one.

Girl Person might have told Boy Person he was silly about being upset about a button. That it wasn’t important. But to Boy Person, it was important. And that was enough for her.

You see, different things are important to different individuals. What if what was important to you no one acknowledged?

It’s not always possible to solve a problem someone is upset about. But it is always possible to acknowledge that problem.

And to make that individual feel important.

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Did Boy Person ever find that button? He sure did. Somehow, when he was folding the laundry, it appeared. That wasn’t just a button to him. It was a way to feel better about himself with new clothes on the road. To him, it was important because we don’t always know when we will be able to order clothes again. Or even wash clothes again if we can’t find more quarters! But that’s another problem!

What’s important to you? What’s important to others?

Acknowledge someone’s feelings. Acknowledge someone’s viewpoint different from your own.

One day, you’ll want to be treated the same.

Peanut Butter Brickle

We leave one of our favorite campgrounds yet today. But on the road to new adventures! Stay tuned!

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