Our House. In The Middle Of The Street

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. We have broken down in the Big Blue Treat Wagon many times over the last four years. Sometimes, she won’t start.

Sometimes she’s slower than slow.

Sometimes she just decides to quit running in the middle of the road and turn her engine off. And you guessed it. She decided to do that this weekend at camp.

We knew we had to move campsites three times in three days. It wasn’t the funnest thing to do.

But to stay at this park and in cooler weather meant we had to cooperate all together and make it happen. Except the Big Blue Treat Wagon didn’t get that memo.

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If you’ve ever been tired and are expected to go to work without breakfast, well, you know how the Big Blue Treat Wagon felt. We had let her get to close to empty. May have something to do with a broken fuel gauge. And there was water in the diesel stuff, Boy Person said. And so, as we went up a big hill, she quit and turned in her notice. She was closed for business.

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When you’re walking behind your house on wheels because you’re only moving campsites a few spaces down and she stops? Well, you panic. You panic because your house is in the middle of the street.

Regular houses don’t get moved a lot. In fact, you’re pretty confident a regular house isn’t going anywhere. And I suppose that’s comforting.

But if your house on wheels breaks down in the middle of the street, it can’t just stay there. Cars drive down streets. Persons need to get places. And we were kind of in the way.

So as Boy Person jumped out of the RV and left his flip flop shoes, another camper remarked we may have a problem. And we laughed at that. Because it wasn’t a problem that persons had every day. Yet we had to figure out what to do. Our campsite was so close! Maybe we could just camp in the road and call it a day.

But Boy Person started the engine again. It tried. It struggled. It quit again. Until finally he took out some water and we inched our way to campsite 27. Every inch was a small victory instead of every mile. That was our house. We didn’t want it in the middle of the street. I thought maybe we should trade her in for a tent.

We ended up moving campsites again Saturday and Sunday too. And now we are in this one until Wednesday. But getting to stay here at this park as long as possible was our goal. No matter what we needed to do.

Life can be unpredictable. Most of the time, the problems we anticipate aren’t the ones that end up happening. We can be caught off guard. Will we have the strength to figure it out?

Your problems may seem as big to you as our house being in the middle of the street. But no problem seemed bigger than ours this weekend to us. Remember that others may have problems we think are small, but they are big to them.

Be empathetic and acknowledge their problems, even if you are going thru your own. And also. Don’t leave your house in the middle of the street. Just a suggestion.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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