Watered Down

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. What do you like most about yourself? This may be uncomfortable to talk about. But I want to know. Ok. If you insist. I’ll start.

I like my fur colors and that kids yell “Tiger” when they see me.

I like my long legs.

I like my eyes. Oh yes. I like them.

But maybe you don’t have such an easy time recognizing what you like about yourself. And maybe the things that you do like about yourself can seem embarrassing. Yes. You worry about what others think of your true personality. And so you water it down.

Girl Person says she is really guilty about this. She says she loves to care for me and Digby and cook for us. But some think she’s overboard.

Girl Person says she likes to dress in bright colors and old clothes. But she worries she’s not in style. She’s not, by the way.

But Girl Person says that these are things she likes to do. When she was younger, she tried to fit in more. And she probably made others feel more comfortable. Because maybe her personality was too strong for others. So she watered it down.

You may be doing that too. But why do you do that? You are the only you. You have a flavor all your own. Why do you water down your recipe for others?

I have a secret. They may not even want that. They may get you just the way you are.

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Have you ever been to a restaurant and came across an item on the menu that sounded good, but it was new to you? You decide to try something you never would have thought to. And you realize it’s your new favorite!

Well, you may be someone’s new favorite.

And even if you aren’t, and even if no one ever orders you off life’s menu, I guess you can have the flavor all to yourself. But it won’t be watered down. And it will still be delicious. And authentic.

Never, ever let anyone talk you into being someone you’re not. No, not even yourself. To water down a flavor means to taste less of it. To settle. Never settle. You. Be. You.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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