You Wanna Piece Of Me?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Do you ever feel tired? Worn out? Exhausted? Stressed?

Do you ever feel like you have nothing left to give? Yeah. Me too. Arresting everyone is very hard work.

But being a Sheriff Dog isn’t as hard as being a person sometimes. Because I know my limits. I know what battles to pick. But for persons, not so much.

Not only do persons fill their time with a million things and one, but they let other things into their schedule. Things like worrying. Things like anxiety. Things like arguments.

Did you know that everyday, with every conversation and interaction with others, you are giving away pieces of yourself? It’s true.

Sometimes, others won’t be thoughtful. They may be demanding. They may ask things of you that you may want to do…but can you? Are you giving away too much? Are you comfortable with what you give? Do you have anything left for yourself?

It’s true. Most of us are people pleasers. We want to make others happy. But we can’t forget we have limits.

Girl Person the other day got groceries, made us dinner, washed the car, cleaned the house and wrote a blog for us. I knew she was doing too much. And by the end of the day, she was exhausted.

She recovered the next day. But for once, she listened to me and she didn’t even do laundry while she rested. I was proud of her and proud of Boy Person for making the suggestion to rest. Often, it takes someone else to tell us the obvious. And it takes you to listen.

So in a world that’s go, go, go, learn from the last few months when many of us couldn’t go anywhere and do the things we were used to. We all need rest. We all need time. When you give that all away to someone else, you have nothing left for you. Save a piece.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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