You Decorated My Life

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. What’s your favorite condiment? You know…just that little something extra that makes food taste deeelicious!

For Boy Person, it’s hot sauce he puts on everything.

For Girl Person, if she could drink ketchup by the gallon, she would.

Sheriff Brickle prefers peanut butter. Obviously.

And me, well, I’ve never met a bottle of maple syrup I didn’t like.

Yes. Those little extras make life wonderful. And what we add to someone else’s day, month, year of life can make a difference too.

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It’s not just food which makes life beautiful. I know that sounds shocking coming from me. But decorating someone’s life by means of a kind word or action can make their life worth living in the time that we find ourselves in now.

You see, life is still going on despite what’s happening with this Virus Monster. And we may forget that there are those who are having a hard time still in addition to battling that monster. They may be sick in other ways like having cancer. Or they may be housebound on a regular basis. Maybe they battle a Depression Monster already. And this makes everything worse. Yes. There are ones losing loved ones everyday due to other sickness and failing health. Not just from the Virus Monster. Ones they love very much.

How will we have enough love and compassion for everyone…including ourselves? It’s not going to be a piece of cake. And even if it was, I assume all cake is now gone from the grocery stores.

We may be having our own struggles. Financially. Mentally. Being overwhelmed. And anything we were going thru when this Virus Monster started probably hasn’t gone away. Those problems may be bigger. I wish they weren’t.

So what can we do? In uncertain times, the only thing we may have control over is how we cope. We will all have our bad days. Our scared days. Our mad days. And our family is no different. You never know what news you’re going to wake up to.

But knowing we are there for each other can somehow make us feel not alone, even though we may be alone physically.

We don’t know what this week will bring, or what even our day will bring.

But bring some sort of light, happiness and love into someone’s life today.

Decorate someone’s day with something they can look at all day. They will need it. And you will be more beautiful because of it.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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