Boom Bars For Dogs From Pet Releaf

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The last few weeks have brought forth many changes in the way we live our daily lives. And we can’t forget that our dogs’ routines have changed too.

Your dogs may be used to sleeping and waiting for you to come home each work day. But many are now working from home. Are you taking the opportunity to spend more quality time with your dog?

Increasing activity levels for our dogs is the best thing for both of us.

An extra walk or hike in fresh air does us all good.

But increased activity comes with a need for fuel. What do we carry in our backpack and house on wheels to fuel up our dogs? The Boom Bars from Pet Releaf.

What are Boom Bars?

At Pet Releaf, they utilize the hemp plant in a new way! As all of their other products include organic full spectrum CBD hemp oil, but their Boom Bars are now breaking that cycle. Boom Bars are handmade and baked in their Pet Releaf kitchen and contain hemp protein flour sourced from their USDA Certified Organic Hemp Farm!

Pet Releaf says, “Boom Bars are the ultimate hemp supplement bar for dogs! Hemp has a full range of 20 amino acids, including the 9 essentials that our bodies need! Without the cannabinoids, hemp is still protein-rich and contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in a 1:4 ratio which is considered the “magic ratio” for mammals.Boom Bars were formulated by our Veterinarian team and our Executive Chef to serve a specific purpose. From active puppies to senior dogs, there is a Boom Bar option that suits every dog’s unique needs. Pet Releaf Boom Bars are human-grade, all-natural and 100% safe.”

There are three options to choose from. We use them all at different times! There are three servings in each bar.

Boom Bar Longevity

“It’s our aim to keep our senior companions healthy for as long as possible. Our Longevity Boom Bar incorporates ingredients like noni, a fruit that is phenomenal for skin & coat health and moringa powder, a seed that strengthens joints, muscles, bones, and teeth, every bite of this bar was designed to give our older animals the best life possible.”

We use this bar on days we take long hikes, whether if that’s in the snow of Lake Tahoe or the beach in Florida!

Boom Bar Energize

“Energize: The perfect boost for your pet before or during a long walk or hike! Includes key ingredients like ginseng, a natural energy booster and stress reliever so your pet can always keep going.”

Our senior dogs love this bar! They say it makes them feel like a puppy again!

Boom Bar Recovery

“If you’ve been looking for the ultimate way to reward your hard-working dog after a long run or day at doggy day care, the Recovery Boom Bar was made for your pup! Containing key ingredients like goji berries which naturally reduce inflammation and baobab, a fruit containing 10x more Vitamin C than an orange to help maintain bone strength, this bar is exactly what your companion’s body needs after a long day of adventures.”

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the boys resting and content after exercise. This bar helps them to replenish vital nutrients and feel refreshed!

There’s no doubt that stress is upon us all. Our dogs don’t understand. But they can still help us by living life!

Get active, get moving, get happy. And consider using the human grade, organic CBD and hemp products from Pet Releaf to help you and your dog cope.

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This post is sponsored and we received compensation. But all opinions are our own.

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