The Tail Of Butter The Bat, The Best Baker In The Building

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Once upon a time, in a very tall building, lived a bat. Her name was Butter. Butter the bat.

Butter the bat spent her days hanging upside down and doing bat things.

During the day, Butter the bat would sleep. But when the sun started to go down, she would fly down, down, down and out the window of the very tall building. After a long day of sleeping, Butter the bat was very thirsty! So thirsty! She had a favorite lake with the best water around, and she took a very long drink of water. It tasted so good!

But Butter the bat knew that other things tasted good too! After all, her name was Butter! Butter the bat happened to hang upside down in a very busy bakery, and she was very good at knowing what tasted the tastiest! She was very good at watching the bakers bake their pies and their bread and their scones. And she was very good at sampling the crumbs that dropped on the floor every night.

But one night when Butter the bat was supposed to fly out of the very tall building to find fruit to eat, and water to drink, she saw a basket of fruit on the table of the very busy bakery. The bakers had been so busy that they forgot to use all their fruit! Butter the bat knew just what she would do!

Butter the bat knew where the mixing bowls were. She knew where the flour was. She definitely knew where the butter was!

Butter the bat knew her time had finally come! She was going to bake a pie! But not just any pie. She was going to make many pies!

Butter the bat looked at the clock. She had just a few hours to bake because the bakers came to work very early in the morning. She got all her ingredients together after she had a snack. Oh, those sweet potatoes were good! That would be her first pie!

Then she saw cranberries and blueberries and more berries! This was fun!

Berries would make a delectable fruit pie! And a delectable fruit pie needed a delectable pie crust. So she added just a little more butter than usual. And then she added a little more again.

After baking and baking and baking, Butter the bat looked at the clock. It was almost time for the bakers to come to work. So she ate one pie and left the others on the table. That was the nice thing to do. And Butter the bat hoped they would like them. She really did!

When the busy bakers arrived in the morning, they couldn’t believe their eyes! There on the table was pie after pie after pie! There was a sweet potato pie, a berry pie, a peanut butter pie and a mystery pie. They tasted the mystery pie because it was so mysterious! It tasted like butter. As smooth as butter.

Butter the bat was asleep because she was a bat and it was daytime now. But in her dreams, she heard the conversations of people eating her pies! She heard them say how wonderful and buttery they were. She heard them talk about the mystery pie and how these pies were the best they had ever ate!

The very busy bakers were talking too! They wondered who had baked these wonderful pies. They wondered if this baker knew that they were the best baker in the building. Butter the bat heard that! Even in her dreams! The best baker in the building? That was her!

And so night after night, the busy bakers would leave ingredients on the counter for Butter. And she would bake! A sweet potato pie, a berry pie, a peanut butter pie and many butter pies! Customers would line up day after day after day to buy the pies that Butter baked! And word spread all around about the best pies in the building! Butter was very happy about this. Very happy!

One day, Butter the bat baked an especially delectable pie. This pie had peanut butter filling and pancakes for a crust! It was her own recipe! And word got out far and wide about this pie! Everyone wanted to try a piece! That’s when two dogs named Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake decided to come to the bakery. They traveled a very long distance to get a piece of this pie. And Butter the bat was very happy about this.

So she baked an extra special pie for Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake with a lot of extra love. And butter. She sat the pie on the counter with the other pies, but the bakers would know who the special pie was for. When Brickle and Digby came to the bakery that afternoon, they were ready! Ready for their pie! They had dreamed of this pie!

The bakers handed Brickle the pie because everyone knew Digby wouldn’t share. And as Brickle and Digby ate their first slice, they knew it. They knew this was the best pie they had ever eaten! They thanked the bakers and licked them and asked for the recipe! But the bakers told them that it was a secret. And a secret it was!

So that night, after Digby ate the last piece of pie, Brickle decided that since the pie recipe was so secret, he would try to look in the bakery windows to see how they made it. Yes. Yes! He had to do that! And as he gazed in the window, he saw the baker. The best baker in the building. Butter the bat! And she was singing!

My name is Butter the bat,

I’m the best baker around,

In this building, I hang upside down!

I wait till night falls

When the sun goes down

And I bake all the pies

That everyone loves,

Even the flies!

Now, not everyone is accustomed to seeing a bat bake a pie and sing. And not every bat that bakes a pie is used to a dog trying to steal her recipe. But it happened! And when Butter the bat saw Brickle looking in, she knew. Her secret was no longer a secret. She was the best baker in the building. Yes. Yes! It was her! What would he think?

With one look, Butter the bat asked Brickle to keep her secret. And with one bite of a special pie Butter the bat flew out to him, they agreed. To be the best at something is good. But BEING the best individual you can is better. Even better than butter. Butter the bat thought for a moment. It didn’t matter who was the secret baker or that she wasn’t going to get credit for baking the best pies in the building. What was important is that she was sharing her talents with others to make them happy.

And so for many days after that, and many months after that, and many years after that, the bakery left ingredients for Butter the bat. And Butter baked so many pies! She never got tired of baking pies or seeing everyone happy as they ate them.

Butter wasn’t just the best baker in the building. She was the best at making others happy.

And Peanut Butter Brickle, Digby Pancake and Butter the bat baked, ate pies and lived happily ever after.

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The Tail Of Drummy The Downy Woodpecker Who Lost His Rhythm

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Once upon a time, in a land full of very tall trees, lived a very small woodpecker.

This woodpecker was called a Downy Woodpecker, and people knew it to be the smallest in this land. But this woodpecker wasn’t just any woodpecker. No woodpecker is just any woodpecker. His name was Drummy The Downy Woodpecker. And he did what all woodpeckers do. He looked for food by beating the bark on trees with his bill. He was a very good drummer. After all, his name was Drummy!

One day, Drummy The Downy Woodpecker decided that it was an especially beautiful day. And he was especially hungry too! He picked the tallest tree he could find. Since he was a very good drummer, and often known as the best in this land, he was especially good at finding bugs to eat in the tree bark.

But on this especially beautiful day, when he was especially hungry, Drummy The Downy Woodpecker felt especially confident. He had climbed the tall trees in this land many times. He had flown to the top of the trees and looked down from far above many times. So he wasn’t paying especially good attention this especially beautiful day. He was thinking of his lunch and his dinner and how especially beautiful it was outside. He was especially distracted.

All of a sudden, an especially strong wind came sweeping thru the trees! Drummy The Downy Woodpecker was swept out of his very tall tree! And he fell from the top of this especially tall tree! Down, down, down came Drummy The Downy Woodpecker! He even forgot he could fly! This had never happened to him before! How could a woodpecker forget to fly? But he did!

As Drummy was falling down, a branch from this very tall tree caught him just in time! Just in time! And he didn’t even have a watch to know what time it was. It was a long fall! Drummy wasn’t hungry for that lunch he was looking forward to now. He didn’t feel much like drumming. He just wanted to forget about falling! What if he forgot how to fly again? What would happen? He couldn’t stop thinking about it. So Drummy decided he would take a nap and then he would try again. Maybe he would feel better after his nap.

Drummy wished he had a weather report to look at though, because he didn’t want to take any chances that another wind would sweep him away again. He was scared! But after his nap, he decided to try. The air was still. The sun was out. And the only ones around were two dogs he saw below walking on a trail.

Drummy flew up as far as he always flew. But this time, the tree seemed much higher. This time the tree seemed much taller! This time, every noise sounded like wind coming to get him! He gave up. He couldn’t drum today. No. He would have to find something else to eat. And so he flew down to where he saw those dogs walking. They were still there. They were watching Drummy The Downy Woodpecker. They had come for the show.

The dogs introduced themselves to Drummy when he landed right above them. They said their names were Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake. They told Drummy they already knew his name. They told Drummy that they had traveled very far to see him drum.

They told him he was known to be the best drummer in all the land!

Drummy told Brickle and Digby that he wasn’t doing a show that day. He told them that they would have to take a rain check. But Brickle told Drummy it wasn’t raining. Digby told Drummy he had missed his afternoon nap for this.

And Drummy felt bad about that. Brickle and Digby told him he was the best drummer in all the land. They had to hear him drum! But Drummy told them the truth. Drummy told them he had lost his rhythm.

Peanut Butter Brickle didn’t act mad. But instead, he told Drummy that one time, he had the same thing happen to him. No. He didn’t fall from a tree. But he had been scared once too. He told Drummy that one day, a chihuahua had scratched his nose, and he wanted to be scared of all chihuahuas after that day. But he made up his mind to not think about the pain of the scratch. And after that, he met many nice chihuahuas and made many friends. It wasn’t easy to try again at liking little dogs. But he was glad he did.

Digby Pancake didn’t act mad either. Digby told Drummy about the time he was scared of waffles and only wanted pancakes for all his days. He didn’t like the syrup traps. He didn’t like the shape. But one day, there were no pancakes to be found. And a waffle greeted him for breakfast. He wanted to run. But he made up his mind to try it. And now, although he won’t change his name to Digby Waffle, he isn’t scared of them. He was glad he tried them again!

Could Drummy The Downy Woodpecker try again? Would he be glad he did? That was all Drummy needed to hear except for the sound of his drumming. He told Brickle and Digby that since they had traveled so far for a show, he would give them a show. He couldn’t guarantee it would be his best show, but he guaranteed he would give it his best try. He would try to remember he was a woodpecker! He could fly!

As Drummy climbed and flew and climbed and flew to the top of the trees, he looked down for encouragement, and Brickle and Digby barked! Drummy decided to sing a song for them to open his drumming act!

“I’m Drummy The Downy Woodpecker!

My name is long and I climb so high,

To reach the trees that touch the sky!

I use my bill,

To find some bugs,

When I’m hungry and I need some lunch!

I’m the best drummer in all the land,

I fell with the wind,

But I found my rhythm again!

So sit right down,

And hear my show,

Are you ready?

Get set, let’s go!”

Brickle and Digby did sit down.

They knew these tickets were expensive, but as soon as Drummy The Downy Woodpecker started drumming, they knew why. Drummy was indeed the best drummer in all this land! On an especially beautiful day, they listened to Drummy for hours. Drummy learned that even if you lose your rhythm from a bad experience, it’s possible to get it back again. You have to try and take encouragement from your friends. Even especially new ones.

Drummy The Downy Woodpecker, Brickle and Digby played especially beautiful music together, with a lot of rhythm, and they lived happily ever after.

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Although this post is sponsored and we received compensation, all opinions are our own.