The Stroller

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I’m not bothered by a lot, except lately, the danger of having less pancakes. Can everyone stop buying the flour and maple syrup please?

Some persons seem to be pretty upset that they have to stay home. We are here for you. Us dogs will take on the responsibility of making you feel much better. It’s what we have trained for.

But is it more work for us? Sure is! And I find myself trying to relieve stress too.

At first I tried to release stress by eating more. Obviously, that is always my first plan of action. But Girl Person says that we have to be careful on supplies to make sure they last and to also make sure everyone else has enough. She said that in this case, I should find another way to chill out. I thought maybe I should work out. Then I stopped thinking that.

So I looked around. There’s not much to do on a farm if you’re me. I can’t ride a tractor.

I haven’t figured out how to plant pancake seeds. I’m not a farmer!

I don’t know how to milk a cow and even if I could, the persons are vegan, and I’m not sure if they would let me.

But, the good thing is, there is a campground here at the farm. And I suppose since none of the little persons can be at school, they are all here. And making a lot of noise. I’m not sure why they had to show up on our turf.

And making Sheriff Brickle irritable. Ok. More irritable.

So a Deputy has to do what a Deputy has to do. And I’ve got to limit the noise for the Sheriff. I had to get to the bottom of it.

Where was all this noise coming from?! It seemed to be coming from these contraptions on wheels carrying the little people. The big people push them around and everyone talks real loud at each other.

I just kept hearing “don’t touch that”. “Stop”. “Do you want to get a punishment?” “Are you hungry?” “Do you need to take a nap?” You get the picture.

So I decided as long as the noise level was at an elevated status, I should raise my decibels higher. And I decided for once that I needed to be more thorough. So instead of just barking and howling at the strollers that made noise, I decided to bark at all strollers. Louder with each passing one.

It was a tough job to be louder. But if anyone can do that job, it’s me. And no one else can do it better.

Sheriff Brickle was impressed. Because the louder I barked, the more that word got around to all the stroller monsters. And eventually, I guess our perimeter became the no stroller zone. And there was no one to complain to. Because the Sheriff was impressed.

As Deputy, I’ve seen so much to bark at. Persons that carry things make me bark. Persons riding golf carts make me bark. The garbage truck monster. The weed eater monster. But in these times of serious trouble for persons, I hope that perhaps part of my job will be to make you laugh. And if you don’t laugh, I hear being scared by a foxhound howling at random will make you forget your problems. And probably you’ll forget your name too.

Right now, the world needs dogs. Dogs to make you forget that our lives have changed in just a short period of time. So use your time wisely. Laugh. Love. Bark at strollers. Whatever you need to do.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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