Fitting In

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Fitting in has never been one of my goals. I don’t fit into pants because I don’t wear them.

I don’t fit in to the typical goals of a foxhound. Nope. “That dog don’t hunt” is true, as Gandpa says.

I don’t fit into much of anything. I am my own person. Peanut Butter Brickle is his own person too. As much as Girl Person and Boy Person feel like they don’t fit in most everywhere in this world, they appreciate it when they see others who embrace their uniqueness too.

Girl Person said she grew up wanting to fit in. It was hard for her to make friends because she was shy and never smiled. Yeah. That may do it.

She said she didn’t want to stand out because that meant others might not understand. And I thought, wow, persons have a lot to learn. What makes us stand out are what’s the best parts about us.

Maybe you feel like you don’t fit in like Girl Person used to feel. But she told me what she tried to hide the most when she was young is what she still loves now most of all.

She used to hide her clarinet in school because no one else played that.

She used to feel bad she just wanted to write stories and read books while others had more exciting things to do.

And Boy Person? Well. I’m not sure what he does that is considered normal. He likes to turn junk into other stuff to use. And he likes to kick a ball everywhere.

But as we have been parked next to a Tiki Bar, I noticed something.

The most different things about it were what gave it a personality.

The odd pieces of art were maybe not valuable in a museum, but who would go to a museum when you could go to a tiki bar? Maybe there should be a tiki bar museum.

Fitting in may be an easy thing to do. It’s not easy for some to stand out. But standing out is being you. Don’t hide who you are.

It’s true that not everyone may appreciate you like just like everyone may not appreciate Tiki art.

But for those that do appreciate who you are, being with them will make you better.

And you will add to the beauty in their day.

It’s easier to just not wear pants then trying to fit in the wrong ones. Be who you are.

You are valuable.

You are different.

You are you!

Deputy Digby Pancake

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