One Of A Kind Love Affair

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I know the allure I have. It’s undeniable. But even I have to step back sometimes and wonder how something can be so amazingly beautiful. How more people don’t know about it. And how many more beautiful things and places are waiting to be discovered.

Everyone has likes and dislikes for sure. But beauty is beauty. Part of what makes beautiful things beautiful is that we all see them differently. What you like about me may be different than what I like about me.

But like a painting, or brindle stripes, it is a masterpiece.

When we went for one of our hikes this weekend and saw the beautiful creek by the natural tunnel, we couldn’t believe how they flowed together.

And it seemed unreal. I had a wish that everyone could see it and be there in that moment. Do you know of a place that you wish others could see?

Everything on our earth has a story. A beautiful story. Do we see it? Do we love it? The love we feel for something or someone is different than the love anyone else has. A one of a kind love. Isn’t that amazing?

Since our Granny Person passed away years ago, there have been so many things we wanted to tell her about. She used to say, “You’ve seen a lot of places, haven’t you?” And she said she felt like she had been there too. It’s good to tell others what we see. It helps us to appreciate them more too.

Everything and everyone on the earth has a beautiful story to tell.

We may all hear that story differently. We may all paint a picture with different colors.

But spread the paintbrush. Spread the love. Show it to others.

We will be back on the road tomorrow! If we don’t run out of fuel! Stay tuned!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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