The Tail Of Cookie The Bear That Preferred Pizza

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Once upon a time there was a little bear named Cookie. Cookie had always been a proper bear.  Cookie spent her days climbing trees and frolicking in the woods, as a proper bear would do.

All of her life, Cookie looked forward to dessert.  After her meals of fish and grasses, roots, berries, and insects, Cookie got a cookie.

Sometimes it was a peanut butter cookie. Sometimes it was an oatmeal cookie.  But a cookie is always a cookie, just like a bear is always a bear.  And that’s a very good thing.

She had a song she sang every time she ate a cookie!

I am Cookie The Bear,

I don’t swear,

I’m a good little Cookie

And I never play hooky!

I’m a proper Bear,

The nicest you’ll meet

Give me a cookie

And make it sweet!

One day as Cookie was being a proper bear and frolicking in the woods, she saw some campers in the distance. They had a campfire just like all proper campers do.

Cookie thought it very fun to watch the campers make their dinner and eat their dinner. Cookie wondered what they were going to eat for dessert.  She was sure they were going to have cookies. Didn’t everyone eat cookies every day like Cookie? But instead, they made something that they called s’mores. And it looked very good indeed and very different than a plain cookie! Watching them make s’mores was very good entertainment for a proper bear!

Cookie went back to her den after watching the campers. She lost track of time and missed her curfew. Mama and Papa Bear were not too happy about it! But Cookie promised not to be late again! That was the proper thing to do.

The next day, Cookie saw a very tall tree. She had finished all her bear chores and thought it would be a very nice place for a nap.

She climbed and she climbed and she climbed. She was just about to fall asleep when she saw a very big, long car with wheels pull into camp.

This definitely wasn’t a tent! No, not at all. This very big, long car was noisy and barked. And as it backed into site 15, Cookie watched it and wished that it would stop being so loud.

She was trying to sleep! But finally, when it shut off, out the door of this very big, long car called an RV, came two dogs. She heard their names were Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake.

Cookie found herself awake all of a sudden! These dogs named Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake were so happy to be here at her campground. She watched them walk and bark and play, and then it was time for their dinner. Their persons were hungry too. Would they have s’mores too? But all of a sudden, Cookie saw it. Were they eating a giant cookie? What was on their giant cookie? All kinds of toppings and vegetables! They ate and ate and said how yummy it was. And Cookie knew that she had to get a piece of this cookie! After all, her name was Cookie! Cookie was her name!

But campers like Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake don’t like to share their giant cookies. Although, Cookie wondered if maybe if she asked for a piece nicely and didn’t roar so loud, maybe they would be nice too. But she decided the best thing to do was wait and get a piece herself. You see, Cookie knew that campers threw away lots of stuff in trash cans and trash bags. And all she had to do was wait until they went to sleep. And that’s what Cookie did!

So that night, Cookie waited to come down from her tree. She went to Brickle and Digby’s campsite very, very quietly. It was almost scary how quiet she tiptoed! She found the trash bag and ever so gently pulled out the cookie box.

But it said pizza! Pizza?! What was pizza? Cookie could read, by the way. All proper bears know how to read. Cookie opened the pizza box and she gasped! They had left her one piece of pizza and she was so excited!! She admired it. She smelled it. She smelled it again. Cookie didn’t know what to think! Would she like it? Would she?

Cookie thought about eating the pizza in one bite. She was a bear and she could do that! But instead, she savored the pizza and she realized right away that cookies weren’t her favorite food after all! But her name was Cookie! Cookie was her name! And Cookie worried so much that she forgot what time it was, and she knew she was going to miss her curfew again! Oh, Mama and Papa Bear were not going to be happy!

Cookie bagged up the trash bag like a very proper bear would do and she went home to her den. Mama Bear said this time, Cookie would have to pay the consequences for being late. One less cookie is what Cookie got for dessert. But it was ok. Her belly was full of pizza.

And even though Papa Bear asked why she was late again, Cookie felt bad telling him the truth. You see, Cookie knew her parents had named her Cookie, and what would they think if she preferred pizza? Would they think she was mad at them for giving her the name Cookie? Would they be disappointed in her? No. Today was not the day to tell them. Maybe tomorrow would be the day or next week. Or maybe never.

Cookie spent the next day watching Brickle and Digby at camp. And she couldn’t believe her eyes when it was time for lunch and they had pizza again! Cookie couldn’t help herself. She inched closer and closer to camp just so she could smell it. And that’s when Digby saw her and howled!

Brickle just watched her with his big brown eyes and Cookie wondered if they knew.

Did they know she liked pizza? Since Brickle was a well traveled camper, Cookie found out he spoke Bear. Brickle told Cookie that it was against the law to feed bears, but that if he left a piece of pizza in the box, it would be up to her to find it.

And Cookie thanked Brickle and went back to her den. She could wait a little while to go thru their trash. Plus, she knew she had to tell Mama and Papa Bear. She had to tell them. She had to tell them the truth like a proper bear would do. As Papa Bear and Mama Bear watched their favorite afternoon shows like As the Hive Turns and The Bearlorette, Cookie sat down next to them and told them the truth. Cookie told them she loved her name, and would always be their Cookie.

But that she also liked to try new things and travel and that she had found that she now preferred pizza. But instead of being mad, Mama and Papa Bear put down their remote and looked at Cookie with all the love that proper bears have. They told Cookie they were proud of her for who she was. And that no name makes us who we are. They also said that if she wanted, they could order a large pizza and only if she wanted, they would have a cookie for dessert.

Cookie was so happy! Cookie knew it feels good to be yourself. And that no matter what labels or names are given to you, we are all individuals. Some like pizza. Some like cookies. Some like both, like Digby.

And instead of taking pizza out of Brickle and Digby’s trash that night, Cookie knew she had to thank them. It might have been against the law to feed bears.

But it wasn’t against the law to feed two dogs named Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake! She put two pieces of pizza right on their steps, knocked and ran away. It was Cookie’s way of thanking them. It was what a proper bear would do.

And they lived and ate pizza with many toppings happily ever after.

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