The Mountains And The Rivers Are In You

This is Digby Pancake. Welcome to Virginia!

As usual, it took a long time to get here. As usual, we had a lot of problems.

As usual, we were tired. But as usual, when we woke up in the morning and saw where we were, well, it was the best morning. It’s the best morning every single time.

Some persons have one favorite morning of the year, or a few. But to us, every time we park at a new spot, when we wake up, the excitement of the unknown makes us feel alive.

I’ve always known I loved the rivers and mountains. And even when I wasn’t around them, I knew I would see them again. But I felt them the whole time. They were in me the whole time. And now? It’s like seeing an old friend. You always somehow remember an old friend’s voice in your head.

But I have to say. Even if you remember a voice, it sure is nice when you hear it again. Girl Person misses her Granny. And for a long time, she had a voicemail on her phone from her. She got a new phone, and when she did, she lost that voicemail. She thinks that she would really like to hear Granny’s voice again. And that’s how I feel about the mountains. I wanted to hear it’s voice again. And I’m so thankful to be here in Virginia! The voice is singing beautiful music.

But I wonder. What are your mountains and rivers? What awakens your curiosity and makes you feel alive?

Today, we decided before we start our two weeks here, that we would take a drive and see the surrounding area so that we can pick what we want to do. Since this is the Live In The Moment tour, we don’t know where we might end up today. We are going to go where the roads lead us. As long as we don’t break down.

Life is that way! We can plan and plan our whole lives. But it doesn’t matter sometimes when the twists and turns take us elsewhere. What I love about the mountains and rivers is that they change. Not only with the seasons, but with weather and time. Their beauty may be different each time we see them. Just like me and Brickle. We may not look different with age. You may look different with age. But we are all beautiful. How fortunate are you to be that beautiful?!

I’ve never been to this part of Virginia, but I feel like they have been a part of me this whole time. They’ve certainly been on our earth a long time.

So as we park here for the next two weeks, let’s feel the mountains and rivers in all of us. Even if you’re a beach person like Brickle, you can’t deny a mountain breeze thru the trees. Oh, hello Virginia place!

Deputy Digby Pancake

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