Run Of The Mill

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Have you ever just decided to take a day and get in your car, or however you travel…maybe a van made out of pancakes and fueled by syrup…and see where it takes you? That was a long sentence, but I think long thoughts about pancakes.

That’s what we did yesterday. No. Not not in a van made out of pancakes. We took a drive and we ended up in some Maryland place. And we ended up at an old mill!

I never thought about what these types of buildings were. And you might as well call some of them a pancake nursery like a baby nursery. Because some of them made flour. You know. Where pancakes come from. I was old enough to finally get “the talk”.

Yes. This mill was pretty neat. The persons said it was here in 1771. And I thought about that. People have needed to make flour and other things from grains for a very long time. That’s a lot of pancakes and cakes and cookies and grits and other stuff. And it’s been here on the creek being all awesome for a long, long time.

But when things sit for awhile, they get problems and have to be repaired. And even though we know that there are a lot of mills in the world, it doesn’t make each and every one less special. Even if they need repairs and are older. Older than Brickle.

Girl Person said that long ago in this area in Maryland, oats and barley and wheat grew really good and they had power from the water sources to make the machinery work. It sounds like they really worked hard.

And so did this mill. And we are happy we got to see it.

There were many mills and they are were different and changed with time.

Time isn’t always the only thing that changes history, though.

Sometimes, what persons decide they want changes history. And makes things like these beautiful mills less valued. Less needed.

And I thought, I often hear persons say they don’t feel valued. Or needed. Or important. I hear them say they don’t feel like anyone understands their problems. Or hears them or sees them.

I’m here to tell you that you are not run of the mill. Your problems are not run of the mill. You’re not ordinary. What you have to deal with each day is important. Even if no one tells you so.

We all matter. Just like every mill matters.

It was used once, and hopefully this mill will be used again.

Because it is strong and important. Just. Like. You.

Stay tuned to our adventures over the next two weeks in Virginia and the surrounding areas! After our car gets repaired. Because yep. That’s the situation.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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