Your Waiting Room

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Some great things happen when you get older. You get wiser if you learn from mistakes. You get more grey hair which shimmers like diamond sunshiney.

But some things have happened as I’ve gotten older that I’m not so fond of. I forget where I’m going. I get scared of things that didn’t used to scare me. And I have more trouble getting up and down.

Seems to me, the more time I spend not moving, the more I notice the wrong things in life. When I’m moving and the scenery changes, so does my focus and what I’m looking at.

I prefer to always concentrate on me and my handsome. It’s easy to do.

And slowing down as I’ve gotten older is ok. But doing nothing is not ok. What happened to Digby scared us all when he got sick. And yes. We are still worried. But waiting for something bad to happen is not the answer. We can either be in the waiting room of life, waiting for someone to give us bad news. Or. Even before we hear our name called, we can make up our minds that we will make the best out of whatever situation we are presented with.

If we wait to be happy till whatever it is we want to happen happens, we may be waiting a long time. And even if we get whatever it is we are waiting for, will we appreciate it even then? Or will we look to the next thing?

Right now, our family is waiting. We have three more weeks here at camp. And we have to decide where to go. What to do. We did wait for Digby to get a little stronger. But truth is, we got lazy. We need to stop being lazy and live life. That’s what our hearts are telling us to do. And we can’t make our hearts wait. Stay tuned…and I guess that means you can have a seat. We will call your name when we are ready.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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