Kindness Matters. It Really Does.

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I know I have wisdom. I can’t help that. Because age and experience gives you wisdom whether you want that or not. And once you have it, you have a responsibility to help someone else. If you don’t, that’s not smart. And that’s not wise.

I knew that today something was pulling at my heart. Something that I needed to say. Because we all need reminders.

Even though life is busy and hard for us all, and we all have different problems, there’s one thing that we all can do. We can all be kind. We may think that with all of the world’s horrible problems that us being individually kind doesn’t matter. We may think it doesn’t matter to someone we pass by on the street frowning.

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We may think it doesn’t matter to the person hungry with a sign on a corner. We may think it doesn’t matter to the family struggling to make ends meet. We may think it doesn’t even matter when we are kind online. But my wisdom is telling you it matters.

And guess what? It matters to your dog too. Those things that you do…the special things…we know. We know a special treat or meal. We know when we get tucked in at night. We know when we get older your extra care you put forth. And how hard it is for you. I know.

Kindness matters. To us all. It isn’t easy always. Because life doesn’t teach us that. It teaches us to rush. There’s no time for kindness when you rush. Sure is an excuse.

It teaches us to not think a little thing matters when the big things take up space. But all the little acts of kindness make for a big shift and a big change. Be part of it.

We will be in this Georgia place until tomorrow morning. And then, on to that Florida place.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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One thought on “Kindness Matters. It Really Does.

  1. If we weren’t permanently teetering on the edge of financial disaster, I would be giving money to anyone who needs it by the handful. Unfortunately, when you’ve been retired for many years and the money you get has shrunk by 22 years … well … there IS no spare.

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