Yes, We Are Still Going To Italy. We Also Had Broccoli For Lunch.

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I’m all about the details in life. I always want to have the cutest shirt on if I have to wear a shirt.

I am sort of a fashion icon.

I also like to know what herbs spices are in my food every day so I can appreciate the essence and the taste.

Just kidding. I’m not about details. Give me a good day, or a good meal, and I’m good. I don’t need to know the details if it’s good. But the persons? They want to know it all. Now.

One more day left to order!

Like when are we going to that Italy place? I know we are going. So I’m content to have a good day until then, during then, and after then. You know what I mean.

But we are waiting on details on the flight. It has a lot of ends and outs and papers and the such. So we don’t have an exact answer yet of when. But yes. We are going to that Italy place. It could be in a month or two months. We don’t know.

So why do they keep stressing about it? Why are they so impatient? I mean, really. I had one of my favorite veggies for lunch yesterday. Broccoli. And if was good. Even though we don’t know when we will get to Italy. Why ruin a good plate of broccoli florets with olive oil because of that?

Yes. I love broccoli. And Girl Person said when she was a kid, she made broccoli for lunch almost every single day.

But she also loved that Italy place then too.

Both are good things without the other. But imagine when we get to that Italy place and have broccoli there! The details of the days we had to wait won’t matter then. And it doesn’t matter now.

Yes, we are still moving to that Italy place. Yes. I had broccoli for lunch. Good things are good things. No matter the details.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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One thought on “Yes, We Are Still Going To Italy. We Also Had Broccoli For Lunch.

  1. Marinell Arnold deGraffenreid

    Speaking of broccoli, my mother was not the most adventurous cook. I didn’t have broccoli until I was about 11 years old. I ate it in the school cafeteria as a lunch side, and I loved it. I came home and told her about how good it was, and how we should try it. To her credit, she did buy some and the entire family enjoyed it. From that point onwards we had broccoli as a regular on a rotating menu. Fruity, you have the right idea!

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