Where Are You?

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I seem to go around in circles. Do you?

Girl Person sure did yesterday with me and Brickle in the back seat. We drove many hours in the Florida place heat and traffic to get Boy Person from the airport. And let me just bark, it was all worth it.

Because all we have been thinking about for over a week and a half is when we will see Boy Person again. We never thought we would miss him so much. Because it’s hard to let yourself feel so much. It’s easier to pretend some things don’t hurt. But it did hurt to be apart. It hurt. Worse than a missed dinner.

When Girl Person finally got us to the airport we checked and it said Boy Person’s plane had landed. But we couldn’t get him on the phone. And you may have guessed it, usually he forgets to charge it.

So we kept pulling around and waiting at arrivals to look for him. But he wasn’t there and we kept having to go back around the airport. Over and over and over. Where are you?! That’s what Girl Person kept saying. And it was getting to be too much.

We couldn’t wait another minute. And then, we saw him! When he walked out it was like magic. Fireworks (the silent kind). A steak dinner. All of that at the same time.

And we didn’t have to ask where he was anymore. He wasn’t asleep at the gate missing a flight. He wasn’t up on a path fighting thorn monsters.

He wasn’t lost in the woods trying to find the airport.

He was with us. And that’s where he should be. But he never left our hearts.

We have a lot of talking to do today and thinking. We have some sleep to catch up on. And we have some hugs and kisses to catch up on. Stay. Tuned. We’ve got this. And we’ve got Boy Person back too.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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