The Story Of The Talking Cat Food

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I’ve been recalling a lot more happy memories of Digby lately. After over a year of missing him, my heart hasn’t healed. But my heart has begun to let some happy memories in too.

And its been pushing out the last ones that are so hard to forget.

One of the good memories I recalled lately was The Story Of The Talking Cat Food. Now, you may have never heard cat food talking. But I’m very convinced that Digby heard it. He heard it loud and clear.

When we were staying at our friends’ barn in that Georgia place, life was good. Life was relaxed. Life was free. For the first time, Digby and I were able to run around without leashes. We were able to explore a bit. And it was so nice.

We were parked in the RV up at the barn. And down the hill was where our friends had their house with their own furkids and a cat named Smokey. Smokey wasn’t the socialable type. I tried not to take it personal when he didn’t like to talk.

Smokey had the life. He could come and go as he pleased. He had a warm bed and a full bowl of cat food at all times. His domain was protected by a propped open door. And Digby realized this. He heard that cat food talking 24 hours a day like a 24/7 diner.

So when Girl Person would let us out of her sight…for even a moment…he would take off down that hill. And he and I had a sort of agreement that I wouldn’t say anything if he didn’t. And he always tried to get back in time before anyone noticed. Before Girl Person could chase after him yelling “Digby Johnson! Don’t do it!”

Now, Smokey sure didn’t appreciate the cat food bandit with the foxhound tail named Digby. In fact, he was known to scare the cat food right out of Digby’s mouth in midsteal. But Digby loved the thrill. The taste of the forbidden. He was a cat food hunter like no other.

At the time, the persons didn’t realize how sick Digby was. I did. So it didn’t matter to me if he enjoyed the luxuries of life like cat food.

The persons thought it would hurt his tummy. And maybe it did. But he proved that an all you can eat buffet of talking cat food was louder than reason. It was louder than the thought of missing out.

We heard after we left the barn that Smokey decided the indoor life was the life for him.

I can’t help but wonder if Digby’s cat food antics convinced him he should retire from the roaming life.

We may be judgemental when we think others take unnecessary risks that seem out of the ordinary to us. But what is more of a risk? None of us know how much time we have. We can’t be unsafe. But anything can happen anywhere. Live!

Live like Digby!

If you hear an adventure calling, don’t let others dismay you. You do not need anyone’s permission to live your life. Listen to the talking cat food. Because life is calling!

Peanut Butter Brickle

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