What Your Calendar Says

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. It was a rough weekend. So many noises and booms. So many persons yelling and acting like something huge and exciting was happening. But the whole time, I just wondered what in the world the big deal was.

Wasn’t it just the next day after the day that we just had?

Girl Person told me that persons like to have a party when their calendars change and they add another number to the year. So I guess I understand. But as usual, I also don’t understand.

I’m not sure why persons need special dates to celebrate life.

What if they celebrated every single day? They wouldn’t have to make such a big deal out of numbers and instead, they could find the special parts of each day. Even if it is January 2nd or November 9th.

Persons seem to want to make it thru every day instead of making every day special. Even when we have to work, we can find the happy. Even if we have to sing ourself a song or even if we look forward to a special meal.

When I was a stray dog, I didn’t know about dates or celebrations. And I suppose that it made me appreciate each day I was alive and each day when the sunshiney came out.

Don’t get so caught up in dates that you forget where you are and the blessings of any ordinary day. Because there are none of those. No matter what your calendar says.

We are on the road today and on our way to that Florida place!

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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  1. Linda Redmon

    2 very lucky beautiful babies who get to travel and see new sites everyday. Everyone ,,be safe. Stay healthy and may God bless you as you continue your travels.

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