I Saw Myself At Niagara Falls In My Dreams

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Some may say that these paws have been a lot of places. Some may say that Digby Pancake and I were well seasoned travelers. I would tend to agree. We did go many places with each other.

But the wonderful part of our earth is that there are so many places to travel to. But with all the places to go, there really isn’t enough time. I know this. Because somewhere that Girl Person always wanted to take me and Digby was a place called Niagara Falls.

She said when we first started traveling in the RV over six years ago, she always dreamt of taking our picture by a waterfall there. And she dreamt about it again a few weeks ago.

Digby is no longer with us. And yes. It does make me teary eyed for Girl Person. That means something to her for whatever reason. I suppose having a dream doesn’t need to have a reason. Does it?

But I told her that we should still go. If she wants to go there, me and Fruitycake want to see it too. If it is important to her, it is important to us. It’s as big as Niagara Falls…our love for her.

We truly never know if the perfect time will come to try and make a dream come true. Truth is, we should have made the trek there long ago. But life and responsibilities have a way of steering you away from your heart’s desires. Not this time though.

So on Friday, we are going to start driving and our destination will be Niagara Falls! Digby will be with us in spirit as he always is. And we will enjoy it in his memory. See what you want to see when you want to see it. Why? Time is short. Time with the ones we love is short. Make an effort to embrace the dreams your heart asks for.

Here we come, Niagara Falls!

Peanut Butter Brickle

2 thoughts on “I Saw Myself At Niagara Falls In My Dreams

  1. Robin Farnell

    Safe travels Brickle and Fruitycake GP BP. Yes take lots of pictures 📸 and Digby will be there in spirit and in your heart ❤️. Yes life does throw us a curve ball and get us off of our dreams. Love each other each day.

  2. Susan beth Espinoza

    Go guys DIGBY will be with you and you have to follow your dreams you will be so happy you did this send pictures♥️💛🧡💚💜❤️❤️💜💚

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