A Classic

This is Digby Pancake. What do you consider a classic?  Is it one of your favorite, old movies?

Maybe you consider your favorite sandwich that is no longer offered a classic.

Maybe you consider that favorite songs of yours a classic.  Yep. There could never be as classic of a song as that.

But do you consider yourself a classic?  You should.  I do.  I have been around quite a long time.  But never long enough.  Same as you.  And as long as we are howling our own praises, why do I consider myself a classic?

There will never be another dog like me.  Not a dog that looks exactly like me.  Nope.  Not a dog with my exact personality.  Not a dog with my exact charm.

There will never be another dog like Brickle.  

Not a dog with his attitude on top of attitude.  Not a dog with his corn dog tail.  Not a dog with his immense sense of self worth.  Nope.  Not a dog like Brickle.

Persons say that out there, everyone has a dopleganger.  That is an extremely long word for me and one I don’t even begin to understand.

But I know without knowing how to say or spell that word that it is not possible.  Because no one will have your exact life experiences.  No one will have your family.  No one will have your thoughts.  No one will ever be like you.  

No matter how hard that they try.

Yes, you are a classic.  A classic like no other.  And although that is awesome and pawsome and all that jazz, it comes with responsibility.

Because you and only you can offer the world what you have to offer with all of your unquiness.  You alone can classically make the difference that only you have the best skills for.  Are you using your experiences and your classic personality to make that difference? Or are you letting it fade with time?  Don’t.

Use your time here to make the biggest difference you can for someone or something else.  Yes, it’s true.  As a classic, you may have less time.  But your time is filled with experiences that propel you into action.  Get to it!

-Digby Pancake

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