Why Movement Can Make A Senior Dog Feel Fulfilled

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They say that you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone.  And no words have been truer for us this last week.

Our Digby Pancake had a very sick week and weekend with a pancreatitis attack.  He has always been prone to this because he seems to eat things he should not!  But this time, his legs also became weak with the attack. And we had a very difficult time getting him in and out of the RV and the stairs into the RV and truck.

Most healthy adult dogs manage  stairs well, but stairs or steps do require greater range of motion in the front and back leg joints compared to walking on flat ground. Stairs can be a challenge for the smallest breeds and dogs who are prone to joint stiffness. 

Mobility for any dog, especially a traveling dog, is one of the most important aspects for quality of life.  

Imagine that you were limited on where you could go and when.  I am sure you can imagine, because the past year has been hard on all of us.  But what if this was your life from now on? What if you could no longer do the things that you loved most of all? How important would you feel?  How worthy would you feel?  Would you feel like getting up each morning? What makes you…YOU?

Exercise increases your dog’s levels of happiness, partly because it’s a bonding opportunity. In fact, reports have noted increases in the neurochemicals associated with positive feelings and bonding observed in dogs after activities like petting, playing and talking. The same chemicals increase in us pet parents, too, so everybody benefits!

For Digby and Brickle, the 2 Traveling Dogs, travel has been a part of our lives for a over a decade. We have dedicated the reason for our travels to promote animal rescue.  And without Brickle and Digby cheering us on, it just wouldn’t be the same. 


That is why, at 12 years of age, we decided we had to give the boys some extra protection against old age and loss of mobility.  We had not heard of YuMOVE, although it has been in the UK for years. In fact, it is the leading supplement there for pets.  So because of the safety record and the proven record of testimonials, we decided to try their products.  We have not been disappointed.  


And we know that from now on, YuMOVE is part of Brickle and Digby’s daily routine.  It means their quality of life.

How is movement and staying active vital for a dog to feel fulfilled, worthy and thus lead to an enjoyable life?  It is one of the most important parts.Regular exercise can help eliminate unwanted behaviors like chewing and excessive barking. More importantly, regular exercise can help: Keep dogs agile and limber. But sometimes, we have to help them be able to keep agile and limber! In our lifestyle, this is a MUST.


YuMOVE wants to help animals look and feel their best. They work really hard to find the best ingredients, then develop the most effective products. YuMOVE only uses ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussels. Sustainably sourced from select New Zealand bays. And harvested at the precise time. They use cutting-edge extraction methods, to get the most effective concentration of Omega 3 possible.

Benefits Of Exercise For Senior Dogs:

Weight management

Mental stimulation and happiness


Keeping joints and muscles healthy

Exercise is super important for ageing dogs like Brickle and Digby. Keeping our dogs active in their senior years will help them stay happy and contented. If you have to change your approach, routine or supplements, do it now.  Every day counts.

If you’re worried, always get advice from your veterinarian to find out what exercises and activities will suit your dog. And if you want to give them extra support when they most need it, consider adding a dog joint supplement like YuMOVE to their diet.

You really have nothing to lose, because YuMOVE offers a money back guarantee. If you try a product for 60 days and don’t see the difference, they give you your money back. Stay tuned to our adventures as we incorporate YuMOVE into our active, traveling lifestyle!

This blog post is sponsored and we received compensation for this post.  However, all opinions are our own.



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