Stories Of The Junk

This is Digby Pancake. Oh, the things that persons waste. The things that persons use without a second thought. The things persons throw away and magically expect them to disappear.


It seems to me that persons are always looking to buy new things. They work more to buy them. They spend all of their time thinking about how they will get them.


I don’t need much in life.

And although I don’t have a job with a paycheck and a boss other than Brickle, I do have a job. And that is to enjoy life.

Part of my job is to smile. And I don’t ask for a raise to buy a new dog bed when mine feels fine. I don’t ask for a raise to buy a new leash if mine isn’t broken. But persons? Instead of fixing what they have, they throw away their so called junk instead of giving it new life. Instead of fixing it. Instead of appreciating what it did for them.


They don’t give a second thought when they pile all that junk and forget about it or take it to a dump.

But what would you do if you knew that you couldn’t buy anything today…tomorrow…or next week? Would you take care of what you had? Would you look at it differently? Would you listen to its stories?


As I took a walk and looked at a chair sitting in the rain, I wondered who sat on that chair. I wondered what meals had been eaten in that chair.

I felt bad for it. No chair deserved to be thrown away with good legs and years of use still left. Do we think about the ones in our life like that too?

Someone may seem boring. We’ve known them for years. We know what they will do. What they will say. What irritates us about them because we know each other so well. But if they weren’t there tomorrow, what would your life look like? Do you have a pile of broken relationships you treat like junk just to buy another relationship?


The easiest ways in life aren’t always the best ways. Fixing is hard. Wasting is easy.


If you value yourself and others, you won’t treat them like junk. You’ll listen to their stories. You’ll have compassion. You’ll give them empathy and value. Don’t waste. Don’t wait to listen and love. Don’t throw away the chance you have to fix your relationships. Today.

Digby Pancake

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