Full Of Forget

This is Digby Pancake.  A day can be full of many things.  A day can be full of hope.


A day can be full of dread.

A day can be full of forget.

There we were.  Ready to tackle the day!

We got in our truck and we headed to one of my favorite trails around here.  It is only open on the weekend.  So that is when we go.

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But just as we were pulling out onto the road, Boy Person remembered.  He forgot his phone.  That thing that persons can’t walk a step without.

No big deal, Girl Person told us all.  We weren’t far from home.  And he needed that phone.  So we turned our big truck around.  It’s not so easy to maneuver that thing.

He got his phone, and we were off again.  I was enjoying the breeze.  The mountain views.  Watching the horses. There were all kinds of horses!

As we were about halfway there, Girl Person gasped.  Oh no.  She had forgot our leashes!  Our. Leashes.  This was getting ridiculous.  Boy Person sighed.  He wasn’t so grateful for her forgetfulness.  But he forgot about his own just a few minutes earlier. So there we went again.  We turned the big ol’ cherry truck around.  We headed back home to get those leashes. Who needs a leash anyway?

This day was full of something.  And I was glad about it.  As the persons were discussing all of the supposed mess ups and all of the time that they were wasting, all I kept thinking was that I got two extra times on one of my favorite drives.  I kept thinking I was grateful the day was full of forget.  I wish they would forget more often.

Persons forget that they are imperfect.  They do imperfect things.  They forget that us dogs are just watching.  Enjoying every moment, no matter if they feel it matters or not.  Because it does matter.  Every moment matters.  We won’t ever get it back.

Will I remember they frustration of the morning?  I sure won’t, unless I’m laughing about it.  If they would have leashed up that phone in the first place, this could have all been avoided.  But I would have never got those extra minutes with my family on my favorite road.

And I am not full of forget. I am full of gratitude. What can you forget to remember today?

-Digby Pancake

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