Cool By The Pool

This is Digby Pancake. What makes you feel refreshed? What makes you remember that you are alive?

Isn’t that a funny thing to think about? Feeling alive.


But so many persons go thru every day just making it thru the day. They survive. They don’t thrive. And they forget about themselves.


I never forget about myself. Because as much as I love others, I love myself too.

And I know when I am feeling less than my best, I give less than my best.



You know that I have a hard time in summer temperatures. I do. But I want to enjoy every summer day in a refreshing way. So the persons filled up a pool for me to dip my paws in. And now I just don’t try to survive the summer day. I thrive thru the day refreshed. I take breaks. I soak in the experience.

What makes you feel cool by the pool? Maybe you have to go to that work place.


But what do you have to look forward to? Think about it.




Maybe you have to do something today you don’t want to. And yet, you’ll do it. Because you are you. But how can you reward yourself for a job well done? What will make you feel cool by the pool?


Instead of just surviving your day, make every day an experience. Shouldn’t every day be an experience?  You don’t have to go to a theme park to be submersed in happy.


 Give yourself something to look forward to. Something to refresh you. You deserve it.

Digby Pancake


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