A Little Bird Told Me…

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Has anyone ever told you something that you didn’t particularly like? Maybe they told you the truth. Maybe you didn’t want to hear it.

Well, a little bird has been trying to tell me something. And I didn’t want to listen.

I call him Mr. Bad Mood because he makes funny noises at us, he steals my water and he flaps his wings by my head when I’m napping just for the fun of it.

But Mr. Bad Mood has had some good points. He states the obvious which is that we’ve been parked on his land a long time.

And he states we are getting too comfortable. He said he’s a bird. And if he didn’t fly or sing, well, he wouldn’t be so happy.

He said we have the ability and the way to get traveling again.

And he said we are wasting time. Time that could be spent away from his tree. Away from his peace and quiet. And I didn’t want to hear it.

But I understood what Mr. Bad Mood said. Seems that the longer we stay still, the harder it is to get going again. You lose your confidence. You lose your drive. You lose yourself. You can’t sustain happiness with comfortability.

So if the little bird told me what I need to do, how can I ignore it? You should never ignore birds!

We are packing up. Getting ready. And April is going to be the start of new adventures! New places! New ways of seeing the USA! Are you ready?

If you have some extra birdseed, send it our way. We gotta make sure Mr. Bad Mood can live without us for awhile…

Peanut Butter Brickle

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