The Expense

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I’m not an accountant. But I know it takes you persons a lot of that paper stuff called money to live. You have a lot of trouble with it. And it seems like all you ever try to do is get more of it.

But did you know that there are other types of expenses? And you spend and pay and get something in return every day without even knowing it.

When Girl Person walks with me and Digby, a lot of the time, she likes to listen to something. Either persons talking or music or news. Most of the time she doesn’t think too hard about what she fills her mind with. But that changed.

She realized that however she started her day started the paragraph of the story of her day. She could choose to listen to encouragement. Or she could choose to get upset. This choice mattered so much. And she changed what she listened to.

Then, later on in the day, she had another choice. She could choose to eat something not so healthy. Or she could choose to spend her paper money on her favorite vegetables and get more of them.

Then, at night, she knew she could choose to listen to music and make dinner or she could work some more. She was having so many choices! But the funny thing was, none of the decisions were wrong or right. But making choices did mean it came at the expense at not doing something else. You make choices all. Day. Long.

Everything we choose to do or not to do comes at an expense. So do the individuals in our life…who we let in to our lives may mean someone else being out of it. Because every individual and every choice shapes us. Are we choosing wisely?


Everything comes at a price. Everything comes at an expense.

Everything you do is a choice. And everything you don’t do is as choice too. We only have so much time. Choose wisely.

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