What Is Your Kindness?

This is Digby. Have you went out of your way today to be kind? I want you to really think. Because I feel that it’s important.

This weekend, our Girl Person found a little bird on the ground. Birds are their happiest in the skies. Flying.

And so finding one on the ground in the rain made us very sad. And we tried to help her. But we couldn’t. I wrote a poem about it.

This is Digby.
Oh, little bird,
We found you on the ground.
So little, so beautiful
You made no sound.
We tried to help you,
We tried to warm you,
We sang you songs of love.
We hoped and we wished you could fly,
To the skies above.

If a bird falls
And a life is lost,
Does it matter any less
If no one to you comes across?

A life is special
And yours was too,
We loved you.
You mattered.
Oh, we thank you.

You helped us to see
You helped us to stop
To listen. To look.
If only again we could see you
Up in the tree tops.

Sure. Some persons would not have stopped to help a bird or to try. Persons rush and rush around. Even our persons used to be like that with endless jobs and things to do. And sometimes they even rush now. And they have to remember that nothing…nothing is more important than a life. Even a fallen bird’s life.

But kindness goes way beyond situations like this. Kindness is important to each and every one of us. And kindness is different for each and every one of us.

Do you find it hard to understand others and their viewpoints? Is your kindness listening and trying to understand?

Do you find it hard to ignore irritating habits of ones you love the most? Is your kindness overlooking those little things and appreciating the bigger picture of the part they have in your life?

Do you have a hard time being happy for others when you are feeling low…or less than you should? Is your kindness expressing praise for other? Remember. Being happy for others doesn’t make your situation any different. Any better. Or any worse.

We all have to work on kindness. I have to learn to share. Brickle has to learn to be more trusting. We all can be better!

Let the little bird touch your day like it touched ours. Don’t ever doubt every life matters.

It can matter more than you know…

Kindness may not be our first inclination sometimes. But when we work at it at all times, no matter the situation, eventually it will come as natural as helping a little bird.

Digby Pancake

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