The Yellow Tree In The Parking Lot

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Yellow. Girl Person’s favorite color. The color that we think sunshiney is.

The color of what we think happiness may look like.

Digby may know that silence is golden, but he barks to yellow.

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You may know that Depression Monster that makes an appearance every now and then. It used to be in the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, but I guess he must have snuck in the Barking Biscuit Buggy when we weren’t looking too. So when we drove to a park yesterday to take a walk, Girl Person was feeling pretty down. Like she was failing in her fight with the Depression Monster again. And then we saw it. The yellow tree in the parking lot. It. Looked. Sad.

At first, the yellow tree cheered up Girl Person. It was bright. Beautiful. Majestic.

But then, just as fast as she felt joy, she felt sadness. She felt bad for the yellow tree in the parking lot. She knew the tree belonged somewhere in the woods. On a hillside. It didn’t belong in a parking lot.


It was true. The yellow tree in the parking lot was alone in its beauty. It was true that it didn’t have other trees by it. It was true that it was surrounded by concrete. All of this was indeed true.

But what Girl Person was missing was that part of its beauty was that it shined brightly despite its surroundings. It was happy despite other things that were not. It provided a bright spot in a dark spot.


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We may feel like that yellow tree in the parking lot. We may see things happening all around us that are sad. We don’t want to change who we are because of the sadness.

Things beyond our control may try to take some of our happy. Sometimes those things succeed. Even when we try our best.


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But if we can stand tall like the yellow tree in the parking lot, how much others will appreciate that! When all is dark and hard and lonely for others, we may be all that they have to hold onto.


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Others need us. Others see us. When we shine for others, we help ourselves.

Did that tree make a difference in our day and help to chase away the Depression Monster? It did. It made us realize we need bright spots more than ever. It’s normal to feel sad lately. But look for a bright spot. Be the bright spot. Be the yellow tree in the parking lot.

The yellow tree in the parking lot was all alone,
But no matter what, her colors showed.
Surrounded by concrete and dirt and dust,
She belonged on a mountain
She had lost her trust.
She knew no one would see her
Or know her today,
But she decided to firmly stay.
To be a bright spot,
In a world full of snow,
Meant more to others
Than she would ever know.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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