Behind The Scenes

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Do you ever watch a movie or a TV show and wonder what goes on behind the scenes? I know I do.

I like show business. My face was made for the camera.

But what I realized yesterday was that we are all in a movie of sorts. We all are the stars. And the scenes change quickly. The scenes are usually short. And some of us don’t even notice.

One day in this Georgia place it’s sunny.

The next day it’s cold. Real cold.

One day a tree is full of colorful leaves.

The next day, all the leaves may be gone.


The scenes in our own movie may be beautiful one day with plenty of happy.

But maybe the next scene makes us forget the one before it. It gets cold. The audience may be gone.

Look around you. Right now. Wherever you are. Tell me what you see. Is it a tree that you saw yesterday? Does it look different than a day ago?

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Is it a lake that is full of ducks swimming? Do you remember the ducks that visited last year? Seasons change.

Are you looking in the mirror? How have you changed? What scene are you in? Can you appreciate how you look and feel today? Do you realize you may long for this day in your next scene?

We may be the star of our own movie. But behind the scenes is what matters.

Not what others see. It’s what we see. What we feel. Appreciation for the scene we are in and wondering if it changed tomorrow, did we appreciate today?

Don’t wait till your last scene to watch the amazing scenes you have accomplished.

I would watch your movie. Don’t say “cut” until you are ready.

Keep living. Take notice. Be a star.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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