The Cat Food Burglar

This is Digby Pancake. No one loves a good mystery like I do. Sure. I may not look like the mysterious type. But Brickle isn’t the only sleuth hound around here.


I’ve been known to run away a few times in my life…or a lot.

But as of late, I’ve been pretty trustworthy. Until I was not.


You see, it’s nice having some freedom here at our friends’ house. We can be off leash. We can run around. Or we can do nothing if we want.

But Girl Person keeps telling us that there are boundaries we shouldn’t cross. Some imaginary property lines we have to stay in. But no one told me that cat food would call. And that I would answer.


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When Girl Person and Boy Person turned their backs, I had a plan. I knew where our friends kept the cat food on their porch.


But the trick was getting in. That was no problem for a cat food burglar.

I had already surveyed the porch and the screen door when we drop off the mail each day. And I knew of a way to get away without notice. Not even Juneau or Ellie would know I was at their house.

I was swift. Speedy. Stealthy. Just like a cat. I might as well have been a cat, actually.


And I made it inside the porch just long enough to hear the persons yelling for me. I saw them running around. Trying to find me. Being overdramatic.


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I was just about to take my last bite when I heard Girl Person tell Brickle he had to find me. And just as fast as that cat food went down, so did my pride.


Because I was caught. Just. Like. A. Cat.  I might as well have been a cat, actually.


Girl Person just looked at me with my head thru the screen door and laughed…after she stopped crying. I guess a crime spree of epic proportions was serious. I had forgotten one part of my plan. The getaway.


Cat food is delicious. Because I’m not supposed to have it. So is freedom. But abusing it can get it taken away.


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Yes. You guessed it. It’s the leash for me for a bit.


But no one can keep a good cat burglar down. For long.


Like a cat ready to pounce, so I will be when the time is right…meow. Where did that come from?!

Digby Cat Burglar Pancake

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