The Bark Of Communication

This is Digby Pancake.  Everyone knows that I love to talk. I really.  Love.  To.  Talk.

But persons?  They may love to talk, but not as much as I do.  In fact, they carry around telephones all day long, but I rarely see them talk.  They just look at their phones.  And take pictures with them.  And play games on them.  And get mad at them.

So when we took a walk yesterday and came upon this big tower looking thing, Girl Person explained to us that it was called a cell tower.  

She said that it was part of the reason why all those telephones that everyone carries around work so good.  

 Communication may be an art, but communication is also a bark.


But little did she know that I was already thinking of the possibilities of this cell tower thing.  Since I love to talk, I wondered if I barked loud enough at it, if other dogs from around the world could hear me.  

I also wondered if I might be on the right track for dogs to communicate all over the world!  Since you won’t give us our own telephones, I say that we take matters into our own paws!  

So as we stood by the cell tower, I barked.  I barked some more.  I could see my woofs going clear up to the sky.  I wondered how I sounded in Switzerland.

I wondered if they understood me in South Africa.

I knew that they heard me in Alabama.

And I thought how fortunate dogs are.  We all speak the same language.  Sure, we may have different accents in different places, but what we need and what is important to us is the same, no matter where we are.  We don’t need a cell tower to confirm this.

If you think that you are so different than others around the world, think again.  We all communicate.  We all love.  We all live.  

Just because we look different than someone else doesn’t mean that we all don’t deserve to be heard.  Listen.  Think beyond your own little world.  

And communicate.  Share with others what your life is like.  Listen to theirs.  Make an effort to understand.  

-Digby Pancake

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