Anticipating Baked Potatoes

This is Digby Pancake. When was the last time that you had a home cooked, baked potato?

I love baked potatoes. I love how you can pick whatever toppings you want. I love how everyone can have their own. I love a baked potato because it is comforting.

And I also kind of look like a baked potato. And that’s really cute.

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But not everyone has the time to bake a potato, Girl Person told me. She said a lot of people are busy. She said sometimes people don’t even make time for dinner. And that’s hard for me to understand.

So when we knew our friends here were going to get home late the other night, and they wouldn’t have time to make their dinner, Girl Person said maybe we should make them some baked potatoes so that they could have something to eat when they got home. And I liked that idea.

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I love baked potatoes. But I also love presents. And I love thinking about what someone may need and surprising them. Girl Person says that anticipating what someone needs and putting forth the effort to help makes others feel special.

We all like to feel special.

So we baked up some potatoes and soup and left them at their door so that when they got home, it would be a surprise.

We don’t do things for others because we have to. We do things for others because we want to.

Kindness is not old fashioned.

Thinking about what someone needs without them having to ask is part of being kind.

When we are kind to people, maybe it helps those people think about being kind to others.

Perhaps kindness to people helps us be kind to animals. Perhaps being kind to animals helps us to be kind to people.

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Life is more than the problems in our day. Life is about waking up and deciding how we want our day to go. We can fill our minds and hearts with bad news and negativity. Or we can fill our bellies with baked potatoes.

It’s a choice that I think requires no thought. But it does require some sour cream and butter.

Digby Pancake

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