There’s More Than One Topping For A Biscuit

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  What do you like on your biscuit?  Honey?

Maple syrup?

Peanut butter?  Yes. Yes. Give me the peanut butter.

But maybe you are like Girl Person and you would rather have a biscuit and tomato sandwich.

Maybe you would like to make a biscuit pizza.

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And maybe, just maybe, you want a different topping for each day of the week.  There is nothing wrong with that.

I thought about biscuits as we were taking a hike at a new place yesterday.

Doesn’t everyone think of biscuits when they hike? We were so, so happy to be at a new place.  

The sun was shining, it was cool outside, and we felt like we had so much energy.  

Girl Person kept telling us that we had to slow down.  She said it was not time for her to ski down a mountain on her face.  She said it was too early for that. But we really couldn’t help it.  We felt amazing.

I wondered what made me feel so good.  Because some days I like to run without my leash and jump as high as I can.

Some days I want to lay around and just relax in the sunshiney.

Some days I want to travel to the unknown.

So I suppose not just one thing makes me happy.  Not just one thing in life makes me be the best I can be.  It’s a variety.  You know, like my moods.

Girl Person says as important as it is to eat healthy, it’s important to move.  It’s also important to learn.  It is also important to push ourselves to build confidence.  So that we are prepared to catch whatever life throws at us.

Not doing just one of those things while leaving out the rest would give us a truly happy life.

Maybe you think you are happy.  But maybe you need more.  

There is contentment. But there is also living to your full potential.  Which are you doing? Kick it out of the park!

Just like I won’t be healthy eating a good meal with no walks, you need different toppings to savor life.  

Pile on the biscuits and explore the possibilities.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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