Pillow Talk

This is Digby Pancake.  I have to say, that some days are pretty special.  Pretty special, indeed.

One day, you are walking by your RV, minding your own business.  Then, all of a sudden, you see it.  A treasure left just for you.  A treasure unlike any you have ever seen.  A treasure that you know you aren’t supposed to take.  But you just can’t help yourself.

The persons are busy.  Busy unpacking.  Busy cleaning.  Busy preparing for our upcoming travels.  Trying to get all settled in.  So when they were in the yard talking about yet another person thing, they forgot about the pillow.  The pillow that they had found in our new RV.  The pillow hidden under the couch.  The pillow they did not want to touch or have anything to do with.  

The mystery pillow that came from who knows where and who knows who.

The pillow they threw out the door until they could throw it away.

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Now.  I am not one for wasting anything.  And when I saw this forlorn pillow on the ground, and no one else around, I figured, why not? Why not take it?

Why not let the puppy in me come out? It’s like I had taken puppy vitamins!

So as the persons were talking, talking, talking, I eagerly picked up that dirty, mystery neck pillow and trotted happily and proudly around them.  

I threw it up in the air as they gasped.  I buried it in the leaves as they tried to figure out how to take it away from me without actually touching it.  I rolled on it. I rolled on it again. And pretty soon, their gasps of horror turned into laughter.  I really liked this dirty, mystery neck pillow.

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They knew.  They knew that I had found a new toy.  A new way to feel young.  A new yet old and dirty neck pillow.  They admired me acting like a puppy, and Boy Person finally said what an awesome day it had turned into.  Who knew that a dirty neck mystery pillow they were going to throw away would prove to be a valuable memory for days to come?

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so they say.  

I say there is no such thing as trash.  We should always figure out a way to reuse, recycle and appreciate.  When we keep buying more and more and throw away more and more, what does that say about us?  It says we don’t care about the earth, the environment.  It makes us wasteful.  

We disrespect many living things by not taking an extra minute to think.  Can we use something we don’t need in another way? Does someone else need it?


The world is much bigger than we are.  And everything on it matters.  Let’s not pile up dirty mystery neck pillows in the trash.  Let’s see what we can do with them!  

But you can’t have this one.  I love it.  It is mine.

-Digby Pancake

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