Mind The Gap

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Watching where she walks is not Girl Person’s strong point.

Tripping over her own feet often occurs. So when we hike, it is my job as the lead dog to guide our feet and paws.

It’s very often that the terrain is uneven. Treacherous. You have to mind the gap.

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Minding the gap has never been more important in our lives lately.

We got a new house. And we are still looking for a truck to pull it with. We still have to get organized. And it seems like maybe there’s a gap. We weren’t just able to jump right on the road again. We have a little bit of a delay. That’s the lowdown.

In the past, we would have been upset about a gap. A space of time filled with preparation.

But now? We are happy about it. We are having fun planning.

We are having fun taking in the moment of a new house from that Camping World place.

We are having fun in the colorful gap that is here for us. But we do have to be careful.

Sometimes gaps are a way to pause.

But wouldn’t it be easy to just stop and turn around? We can always find excuses. But the trick is finding a reason to approach that gap with an attitude of jumping into the future with a smile.

So are you approaching a gap? A time that you seem to be thinking and planning more than doing? If it’s part of your journey, embrace it. Savor each moment. Even the gaps.

Smile about it. But don’t stop. That’s right. We have to have gaps in life to move ahead. But mind the gap.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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