I Only Need One

This is Digby Pancake. Do you like seconds at breakfast?

Do you like seconds at lunch?

Do you like seconds at dinner?

Yep. Me too. But as I pondered life yesterday over a dinner of tuna and rice and spinach, I thought of garden gloves. And how much I like them lately. So much so, I think about them at breakfast. Lunch. And dinner.

No. I don’t want to eat them. But I do want to steal them.

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Usually, I try to steal both of the gloves. But yesterday, I only found one.

One glove alone on a chair. One glove so carelessly left by our hosts here. One glove I needed. One glove I needed to hide.

I’m not used to this stealing gloves thing. So apparently I have a lot to learn. I snuck into the woods. I tried to not let Girl Person see me. And yet, she did. She sure did.

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She told me I couldn’t just take gloves whenever I wanted them. She told me I had to not be greedy like that. So I thought about it.

Obviously, since I could only find one glove, I only took one. And I was actually ok with one. I only needed one.

I actually didn’t even need both gloves.

Life is like that. You may get so used to getting what you want when you want it that you take too much.

You forget that others have no gloves at all. Especially when you take one.

Don’t be guilty of taking more than you need.

The day may come when you have to be thrifty. When you have to be more careful with the pancakes you spend. Remember that there is enough to go around. It’s the ones that take too much that cause a problem.

Will I ever get those gloves? I don’t know. But you can be sure that one would be enough to make me happy. One would be enough to make the persons chase after me. One is enough so that someone else can have half the happy.

Digby Pancake

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One thought on “I Only Need One

  1. Linda Horn

    Makes sense, Digby.
    Now they know the game.
    Keep them on their toes. Secretly, they appreciate your help keeping them aware.

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