The Answer Is…

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What did you enjoy when you were younger?

Did you enjoy going to school?

Did you enjoy playing sports outside with your friends?

Did you enjoy going swimming?

Did you enjoy life every day with so much energy and joy?

Yes. We all have memories of things we enjoyed when we were younger. But as we get older, each passing year means more aches and pains. More responsibilities. It starts to seem like it was forever ago that we were young and had less to worry about.

I guess Digby Pancake realizes this too. Usually, he’s the laidback sort of guy.

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But the last week, he’s been acting like a puppy. He’s been copying our friend Juneau. He’s been stealing her toys. He’s been stealing garden gloves, but apparently he won’t be a broccoli farmer, because now he has decided he no longer will eat that.

We’ve been enjoying running off leash, but Digby has now decided there are no boundaries. And Girl Person says that’s dangerous.

As he ran down a mountain hill yesterday for the second time in two days with Girl Person chasing after him, he looked back at us and just said “haha.” I heard him.

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What is the answer to his new found behavior? We have no idea. But we do know that life is short. Sometimes trying to figure out the answer to everything takes away enjoyment. Sometimes you just gotta live. Laugh. No matter what is happening.

The persons changed our house on us for us to be more comfortable and safe when we travel. And it is a little hard to get used to. The persons took a long time to make the decision to change. And it would be easy now to wonder if it was the right decision.

We still have to get a truck to pull it. The cart before the horse? That’s a bit funny when we think about it.

We still have to pick a name. We still have to pack it all up. We still have to make travel plans. But when life isn’t what you want it to be, not making changes isn’t the answer. Trying is. Even if it is hard work. And we are happy we have a new house to try!

It’s easy to think we will always be young. It’s not easy to accept we don’t have any control over that.

But we do have control over enjoyment. And once you make a decision like we did, you have to move forward. When you find a truck to move your house, that is.

Want what you get. Appreciate it. Don’t take away your joy by second guessing and third guessing. That’s the answer.

The answer to being young is remembering age doesn’t determine who we are. We can still enjoy life. We can make changes no matter how old we are. We can stay still. Or we can run down that mountain hill and surprise everyone like Digby. You’re only young once. But you’re only old once too. The answer is…enjoy it!

Peanut Butter Brickle

Thanks for being patient with us as we set up house this week! Tours are coming.

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  1. Sydney Bennett

    I live in Kennesaw, not far off if I-75. I have a dog ramp that I would be happy to give you if Digby or Brickle have a hard time getting up the stairs. Just let me know…

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