A House With No Name

This is Digby Pancake.  To say that we have had some big changes this weekend is an understatement.  We not only had to say goodbye to our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV…

But we said hello to our new house on wheels for at least the next year!  

She came all the way from that Texas place to be a part of our family.  


We are all still getting used to each other.  And we have a lot more to learn about each other too.

But what is the first thing that you learn about someone?  It is usually their name, isn’t it?  And since we have lived with each other now for three days, we think it is more than time to give our new house a name.  She deserves that, don’t you think?  If she is going to take us on many more adventures, the first part of the journey is giving her a name.


Just like the Big Blue Treat Wagon, we thought it would be fun to have you, our family, suggest names for her.  Are you up for it?  Sometimes, we all need some good, old fashioned fun!


First, a little bit about her.  She came from that Camping World place.

She is called a 2020 Jayco Pinnacle 36ssws.

She is beeeeeautiful.  


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My favorite part about her is the fireplaces!

Peanut Butter Brickle’s favorite part about her is the pull out bed so that we can all sleep together at night and wake up under the big windows in the morning.

Boy Person’s favorite part about her is that we are in it.  And that we are happy.


Girl Person’s favorite part about her is the kitchen! You know that she is going to be making some delicious meals for dogs and people this coming year, don’t you?!!!  I guess that is one of my favorite parts now too! But it is so special that you’ll just have to wait and see!!

This coming week or so, we will need to add a truck to our family too to pull her with.  She can’t travel down the road by herself, but that’s ok.  We are good at pulling things like Girl Person down the mountain!

So before we decide…with your help…our travel destinations once we are settled, we have to give our new house with no name a NAME!  

Names are very important.  We carry our name with us always. 


She will be our way to travel safely and continue to be an example for persons wanting to help animals in need.  

We aim to show everyone the wonderful life that traveling AND rescuing your new pet can give you.  So let’s name our new house a good one.  Just like the Big Blue Treat Wagon that we miss already.

-Digby Pancake

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